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The Baslini group has been active for over 80 years in the production and distribution of raw and auxiliary materials for industry and agriculture.

The original and main Company called ‘Industrie Chimiche Dr. Baslini’ was founded in Darfo (Brescia area)  in 1922 under the initiative of Dr. Ernesto Baslini, and in 1925 moved to Treviglio (Bergamo area).
Here the industry started the production of fluorinated for the chemical, metallurgical and tanning industry, it distinguished  itself from the other Italian industries thanks to the adoption of original and innovative working processes that gained recognition (gold medal in 1937 and silver medal in 1932 and 1940) by the “Istituto Lombardo di Scienze e Lettere”.

In 1956 the industry passed onto the son of the founder, Antonio Baslini (leading figure in Italian politics, member of the Parliament for over twenty years) who became President giving  the activity a good business strike, thanks also to the strong business connections.
In the ‘70s the Company ,in consideration of the city of Treviglio, which was slowly growing around the premises; decided to cease some of the productions, replacing them with trading and distribution activities, maintaining, nevertheless, a primary role on the international chemical  market.
In 1989 the Company name became the current one t: Baslini S.p.A.

Between the 80s and the 90s the above mentioned  growth justifies the creation of specific companies: such as AgriBaslini, in the field of fluid fertilizers; Baslini Polimeri, in the trading of  fine chemicals for the rubber industry; Baslini Tessenderlo in the production of dicalcium phosphate for animal feeding and Baslini Metalli in the distribution of metals for electroplating industry  and copper pipes for industrial usages.

In 1995 Antonia Baslini, the current President, takes over the Company  and gives it a new structure, also to provide  a new destination to the land over which the industry had been manufacturing for more than 85 years. Now the land  is fully integrated in the city of Treviglio, and is no more a Baslini property.

The renovation has implied  the closedown/transfer of the Companies that were built in the previous twenty years to keep alive  only  Baslini S.p.A., for the production of the following  products:  Potash Alum,  liquid Aluminium Sulphate ,  Sodium Silicate , Pure Phosphoric Acid   and other minor trading products and maintaining also the activities of Baslini Metalli.

Both Companies are still  in  Treviglio area, but not any longer in the ‘historical’ Baslini Square because in 2007 the land was sold.
The productions have been moved to another site and the warehouses are now located  in the new premises  in Via Lodi. (Treviglio, Bergamo), always maintaining in use an office in  the centre of  Milan.

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