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Our Company: Baslini S.p.A. has been manufacturing Potash Alum for more than 40 years. It is one of the most known Potash Alum manufacturer in the world.
Potash Alum is chemically identified as “Aluminum-Potassium-Sulphate with 12 moles of crystallization water.
There are several synonims. The most known are: Rocca Alum, Alunite, Kalinite. There are others but are much less known.
Potash Alum has two key properties:
1. Natural Antiseptic
2. Natural Deodorant/Antitraspirant.

These properties have made Potash Alum very popular in very many applications:



The word “Alumen” is found in the Pliny?s Natural History book. Pliny says that Alumen is found in nature and since the Roman time had been used for dyeing textiles and for tanning animals? skins and also used in medicine for its antiseptic properties.
In Pompei it is still possible today to visit a typical ancient Roman tannery where traces of Alum were found. The Middle East (Irak, Egypt and Greece) was the cradle of Alum. In the 15th Century it was also found in Italy. First industrial usages were found in Egypt. Alum was used to precipitate the impurities present in the water to make it save and potable. In 1460 Alunite (it is Alum: in nature is found in volcanic rocks called Alunite) was discovered on the mountains close to Tolfa ( North of Roma). Alum is obtained as a result of heating-up Alunite to close to its melting point and add water. It was a major discovery as Alum was already largely used in the textile Industry and the imports from the Middle East were very expensive.
The textile Industry, thanks to Alum, discovered the way to add value by dyeing the different textile fibers (mostly wool). England was the country where such a development was very strong and lasting. Alum was imported into England from Tolfa which at that time was part of the Vatican State. For political reasons England decided that it was not possible anymore to import from the Vatican State. Thanks to the presence of rocks with a high Alumina content (Shale rocks) on the coast of Yorkshire a major “Alum Works” was built at Ravenscar (Yorkshire Coast). This allowed England to tremendously increase their strength in the Textile industry which in the 19th Century generated the Industrial Revolution. Still today it is possible to visit the “Alum Works at Ravenscar”. It has become a historical site (it is a remain of the Industrial Revolution). The Alum Works were closed in 1860. The Ravenscar Alum was largely used to dye textiles and in the Leather tanning.
In Italy the Tolfa Alunite mine became part of Montecatini at the end of the „30ies to be finally closed in 1941.

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