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CCB – Commercio Chimico Baslini guarantees a century-long experience in the chemical sector, and has developed over time a solid operation, to provide its customers with expertise and speed. Commercio Chimico Baslini is able to propose a mature and deep knowledge of the entire chemical sector, having ranged many fields over the years.

A multi-generational management has enriched the company improving knowledge, experience and undisputed operation as well as creating outside the reputation of a competent and reliable company.

The range of CCB is divided into base chemicals and chemical products and metals for plating and within these two “macro families” it is further divided into: Products “ex stock” and Products “available”.

Products ex stock

The main products in CCB are:
Potash Alum, Sodium Silicate, Purified Phosphoric Acid, Aluminum Sulfate, and others as by the descriptive sheets that are in this Web Site.
The same applies to the Chem/Metals division.

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Products available

Thanks to its long life and its great experience in base chemistry, CCB has maintained a direct link with the main operators of the market, both with producers and distributors. Therefore, we feel we can assert that we are very strong in “looking for and finding”, and with regard to the products we do not keep in stock we are able to procure/retrieve them with extreme urgency.

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The history of the company CCB – Commercio Chimico Baslini has its roots in the early 1900s. Precisely in 1922, in Darfo, with the name of Industrie Chimiche dr. Baslini. For over 80 years the company has changed its name, but has maintained its production chain and its internal know-how, thus boasting decades of experience and knowledge in the sector, both from a technical and legislative point of view, and on the quality of the product. than the commercial fabric.

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